What Super Sayain X is correct, It's a helper program to help organize things.

The original way I planned it was just them copying the text of the "Box" a said person has which looks like this - and then going through it seperating it in various manners how i'd like to organize it.

@SuperSayainX - That would be great aside from i'm not using Export() since I never learned how to. Would you mind linking me to a tutorial or something of the sorts, or giving a quick demo?
Well, first...there's two seperate people with similar names here.
There's Super Saiyan X (me) - and then SuperSaiyanGokuX (the other guy). ;)

Secondly, can you clear up exactly what you want to do...?

ARE you trying to parse information from an external website?
Oh, my apologies. I meant SSGX then.

@SSX: No parsing at all. In short, simple terms: A text variable of "t" is inputed. It looks like this( - (?) is considered a gender on the site for some reason, I can handle that one myself- ):
ShinyAbsol (?) (Level: 1337)Archen ♂ (Level: 60)Carracosta ♂ (Level: 306)Celebi (Level: 125)

The application formats and outputs them like this:
ShinyAbsol (?) (Level: 1337)
Archen M (Level: 60)
Carracosta M (Level: 306)
Celebi (Level: 125)

as you can see they will be sorted based on gender groups. I'm also going to have an option to sort based on Level groups. 1-1k, 1001-2k, 2001-2499, 2499-3499, 3499-4499, etc. But again, I can handle that one myself again. The issue is simply making it recognize the gender symbols of the text input, and give the pokemon an M or an F. I currently have them just delete entirely since they all shift to "?".
Can you give a link to the site, so we have an idea of how it's formatted? That'd help with a tutorial/demo specific to your situation.
after C&Ping it it formats like i showed you. I linked to the site but you need to sign up in order to get to one of the pages showing someones box.

It's basically just 4 columns and then a bunch of rows depending on the amount of characters in the box. It's all pure text, thus people can just C&P it into the input. Then I was just going to use that to format it. But again, no gender as of the moment.
Well, when I look at what you pasted I see Archen and Carracosta with A-circumflex and a (TM) symbol, and then Celebi with nothing (just a level).

The output says Archen M and Carracosta M and again, Celebi with nothing. Is that the issue you are having? That female is not recognized? Or is my computer making its own errors like it did on the first page?
The errors for the gender symbols on the forums are happening for me too, aside from in the OP. Those random symbols next to Archen and Carracosta are actually male gender symbols. Or suppose to be. Celebi has no Gender, thus no sign.

The issue is getting them to be recognized. That input I posted was an example of what I want it to do. Everything is done, except for the M/F part, because I can't judge weather the symbol is male, or female considering it switches to a ? mark. Thats the issue.
Here's an example of using world.Export() to get information from a website, in this case, I'm using this very topic; I'm cutting down the information to include only the first post and replacing the symbols with M/F.

I'm also using Keeth's ktext library.
var/http = world.Export("http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1379084")
http = file2text(http["CONTENT"])
http = copytext(http, findtext(http, {"<div class="text" rel="highlight">"}), findtext(http, {"<div class="post_footer">"}))

http = kText.replaceText(http, "&#9794;", "M")
http = kText.replaceText(http, "&#9792;", "F")
http = kText.trimWhitespace(http)

world << http
The issue would be not obtaining the box then becasue you have to be "Signed in to the site to view them", or is there a way around that?
I dunno, link me to the site and I'll see.
This is the page type it needs to be viewed from.
well, that's lame. Is there any way you can export the information there to somewhere more accessible? Or is that page 100% required?

If you keep it in a text file, it's also doable that way. (though, should be kind of simpler cuz no need for Export())
Considering everyone(3 million+Accounts) have different Boxes, I don't think I can save it elsewhere.
Sooo the main question is still how you could get it to recognize the symbols. Would it be possible to have them save it in a .txt, then read it with import in some way? Or anything of the sort, even if it's a redundant work around.
Is there a way to use Export() with a saved webpage file?
You wouldn't have to use Export with a file, you'd use just file2text().
I know, I figured that out. I PMed you the problem I have now so we don't clutter this anymore.
It's not clutter if it's contained in a single thread about a specific topic...but if you don't want other people's input that's fine
Well the problem was fixed. The only issue left was me making en error regarding a findtext() inside a copytext() that was resulting in a blank output. I just overlooked something small. SSX saw it and fixed it for me.

The work around was just having them save the webpage as an htm file then opening it in the programming instead of using world.Export, then in that process chaning the values to M/F.
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