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Is there a onion skin for the dream maker? Not going to lie it would help out a lot for animating sprites and such, since i prefer pixel arting on the Dream Maker. So you know, just wondering if there would be one in the future or w/e.
No idea what an onion skin is.
Could you expand on this?
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Flame Sage wrote:
No idea what an onion skin is.
Could you expand on this?

Basically, every previous frame gets displayed in the next frame (in the editor) as a transparent underlay.
You don't want to use DM for animating or spriting to begin with.
Try Graphics Gale.
(Direct Download)
(Direct Download BETA)
It would be useful for newbies though.
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Giacomand wrote:
It would be useful for newbies though.

Not that it wouldn't, but making the DMI editor more competitive with products that are always going to be superior to BYOND's image editor are probably never going to be a priority for the team. What they've done to improve it from its original state is amazing already, albeit I primarily work in Paint.
Graphics Gale Is the best way to go.
I use the Icon Editor along with secondary paint programs, but I often find myself making game animations with the Icon Editor.

I support adding this.
It could be it being the free version, but I find Graphics Gale to be very uncomfortable. I prefer using the Icon Editor and the Microsoft Windows XP version of Paint.

So, I strongly support this feature, but no rush. I know a lot of other things are more important. Difficulty to add also comes in. If its easy, which I sadly doubt, then go for it. Might want to make it toggleable though