by Flysbad

Poll: Should we release a demo?

Yes 79% (76)
No 20% (20)

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Boy, oh boy, what we have in stored for all of you.

We're sorry for the wait, but hopefully the wait will be well worth it! Also, there will be more waiting because we want to nearly finish the game before we post a demo.

But! Who knows, maybe our minds might change. It all depends on your feedback. (:
I want to be your personal hoster, you fat fly you! >:| lol
Finish it first Fly >:O then i'll play it! Screw da demo, or like play a demo and make a video for it so people can drools over it.
The version I played is enough to be drooled over. .________. Lol. No need to make a demo. Just put up that unfinished version that you had before and you're good. :P
Yes release a demo, I am looking forward to trying this out. Keep up the good work and remember no-hurry =D.
HURRY! D: lol