SwapMaps_SaveChunk("Maps\\NewMap[rand(1,9999)]", locate(2,2,1), locate(10,10,1));

Problem description:
runtime error: bad output
proc name: Save (/swapmap/proc/Save)
source file:,378
usr: Tsfreaks (/mob)
src: /swapmap (/swapmap)
call stack:
/swapmap (/swapmap): Save()
SwapMaps SaveChunk("Maps\\NewMap7741", the grass (2,2,1) (/turf/grass), the grass (10,10,1) (/turf/grass))
Proc SaveMap("DefaultMap")
Tsfreaks (/mob): SaveMap()

It seems that in order for me to access the .sav file correctly, I need to run it hosted. I do not have the same problem when running from another project. I vaguely recall some special setting I need to change but can't recall what it is.
My understanding is that this is an open bug, involving Windows 7 (probably Vista as well) and its crappy security system playing havoc with file locks. I've looked into it before but never found any info on how to solve the problem.
In response to Lummox JR
Hrmm.. I thought it was odd. I'm on WinXP though.