Ninja Origins

by ChibiGaming
Ninja Origins
Fast paced action RPG ninja game coming soon!

Tyrannicide - Lead Programmer
Amad2 - Lead Graphics Artist/Assistant Programmer
Ashton09 - Lead Pixel Artist
Looking good so far. I Would like to host the game for you guys as well as icon different designs and so forth for the game. Anything you guys need. Just give me a task. I'd like to become part of the staff. Also, I hope the game plays well. have you guys tested it yet?
I have to say, the graphics looks pretty amazing so far with just only four screenshot. I'm looking forward into playing this game once it's released.
when is this playable agian
soon.. it takes time to develop a game.
Looks great, wonder if this is a dead project though.
Nope Still is in development.
Cool, cool. Can't wait to see it'll end up being like.
I want to test the game, please.