OwnerGM/verb/Update_World(F as file)
set category="Update World"
fcopy(F,"Immortal Damnation.dmb")

world << "<center><font color=red>Mystic has updated the server."
world << "<center><font color=yellow>rebooting.."
world << "<font color=blue><center>UPDATING........SAVING players.."

Problem description:whenever i use this verb..the interface bugs itself

Why are you saving twice? And... uh...

/mob/System/Admin/Verbs/OwnerGM/verb/Update_World is the full path of this verb. Don't you think this is a bit convoluted?
In response to LordAndrew
what u mean??
if i dont change the interface and just change the codes and compile the world.and then use this verb...everything works fine..but when i change interface and use this verb its gets bugged
In response to Gokussj22
The interface of the game is stored in the .rsc, not the .dmb. You cannot make changes to the .rsc though while the game is running.
In response to LordAndrew
how to fix it?
In response to Gokussj22
You can't, trolololol. But seriously though you can't unless you suddenly become a wiz writing batch files.