Megaman Network Crisis

by Yazan20
Megaman Network Crisis
A Megaman Battle Network RPG Game.
Megaman Network Crisis</center)

A Megaman online game inspired by the anime atmosphere,The game includes some features and more in-coming soon enough(Note that the game is in creation progress and will be updated constantly.

Owner: Yazan20
Programmer: Yazan20
Mapper: Yazan20 (Staff helped with turfs)
Iconner : Looking for iconner/spriter (Contact me if you're interested)
Staff List :
Darthfighter, SuperLengend, UltraForce

Please Make sure you obey our rules ==>
Do not repeatedly harass users or login just to instigate trouble.
Please do not spam or take up too many lines.
Please do not advertise other BYOND games.
Please do not discuss content of sexual nature.
Please do not share a player's real life details (this includes posting their Pictures, Email, Facebook etc etc).
Please report bugs when you encounter them. Maliciously abusing bugs will result in your removal from the game.
Avoid excessive profanity. This game should be suitable for EVERYONE. Not just you.
No profanity in names. Period.

**Current Features**
- New Character creation system !.
- Ability to change your hairstyle and clothes.
- Navi Customization !.
- Mugshots.
- Clone Skill.
- New Navis Icons !.
- Real World & Cyber World included.
- Advanced Pet System.
- 22 Navis including 21 playable.
- Custom Character creation for real world.
- Basic Quests system.
- Tournaments & Guilds.
- Cross Fusion Demo.
- Critical Attacks and Evade skill.

**Coming Soon !**
- Transformations (Ex: Protoman => Dark Protoman, Bass => Chaos bass).
- Cross Fusion.
- Megaman TCG as mini-game (Maybe).
- Abilities.
- More Navis.

All Rights Reserved. Published by Capcom
Special Thanks to tablen12 for spriting tutorials.
Special Thanks to Tro92 (deviantart) for Zorro.exe . Megaman Network Crisis Forum
Game was off yesterday, Back up now and should be 24/7 Online.
Game has been updated to Version 4.6
Hi, do this game got stlil uptades/ and hosted :O?
Yup, constantly updated and 24/7 online.
If you need any help with coding then I will be glad to help.
I don't want any mod or anything for it. :)
Hey, I know this game may not have been popular as you'd hope but I want to say thank you. As a real megaman BN Fan. Glad this game is up even though it's mostly empty, great work and keep pushing this this game man.. You never know you could really revive Megaman BN with this!