view = 6
map_format = ISOMETRIC_MAP

parent_type = /obj
New(client/C) //When a new fade object is created
var/Y = (C.view * 2) - 1
src.screen_loc = "1,[Y-3]"
icon = 'Letters.dmi'
icon_state = "Hud"

var/list/L = new(src.client)
L += new /Interface/Hud(src.client)

icon = 'Test Turfs.dmi'

icon = 'mob.dmi'


Problem description:
Im trying to create a Hud for a possible game in the future (this is my test environment, so dont worry about the quality of the other icons). The game will be in isometric mode, but i cannot understand how to use screen objects in a way that wont do whats shown above.

All that was in the online help section was:
Screen objects (in client.screen) are always drawn on top of all isometric tiles.

Any help here please as to how i can change this so that the hud goes over the map, not added onto the map at the top?
My guess would be that your screen_loc is outside the player's view. Try moving it down a little further. You can also use the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, ect constants inside screen_loc to place objects relative to the sides of the screen. (see the reference for further explanation)
In response to DarkCampainger
            var/Y = (C.view * 2) - 1
src.screen_loc = "1,[Y-3]"

These two lines are in place to prevent that from happening DC.

This happens no matter where i place the Hud on screen.

You were right, DC. I forgot that the client's view "height" is half of the "width" in iso mode.