Jutsu Infinity

by Kboy33
Hub moved! http://www.byond.com/games/RiceINF/JutsuInfinity
Is this a Mix of NNG and Naruto Evolution? :o
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Not at all. Despite the visual similarities, this game is completely original. I had initially inherited an incomplete source from the original owner, however after I received it, I decided to rewrite most of it and make it my own.

This is JutsuInfinity, a Naruto based RP game.

EDIT: I did use the Sand Village icons from an open source resource, however. Saved me the trouble of doing it.
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Say what?
I would like to see something like your water dragon raising out of the water.
Roleplay? T_T So no PvP Action at all? Also I think you need to lightin' up that grass cause it's too dark to me.
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Nope. RP is as fun (or even more fun) as PvP. It can become really interesting, and it gives you a run for your money.
*sigh* Fine I prob wont be on it that much doe cause RPing games annoy me cause there is no action like PvP I don't have time to be like (Komuru Zukitaki punches [enemy]) I'll support you but I prob wont play also change dat grass xD(Lightin it up a lil.)
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Each to their own!
Rp is for smart people.
So yay PvP is for dumbfucks
That's an obv Opinion saying something is better than Something is a complete opinion not all smart people do RP.
Some so called dumbf***s do RP too think about what you type
It is explaining what you do. Rp gives you more freedom and creativity than pvp. Pvp creators limit their games with Crap. Solution to all problems would be just to do Rppvp.

For those who want to have freedom with their custom character,or maybe just kill anything kill able for some points or something.
oh so I cany just say in a description (I'm immortal and no jutsus work on me I'm the ultimate ninja.) Than someone gonna be like BS and stuff like that.
No Rp is super strict when it come to their shit.
It takes a long time just to rank up.
It takes a while to get stronger also.
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