var/icon/I = new('mouse.dmi',"normal")
client.mouse_pointer_icon = I

Problem description:
I've tried to use a 96x96 sized icon for a mouse pointer in the past.
The problem was, however, that the "click pixel" was always at the 16x16 pixel, so if I made a 32x32 icon, the actual "click pixel" would be on the middle of the icon.

So I was looking at this thread: [link] , and I tried using the code mentioned there.

The code itself works, which is wonderful since I'm using several icon_states for different mouse intentions and actions.

The thing of it is, however... the thing of it is...* the icon_state that is 96x96 big is resized to 32x32 on the top left corner of the icon, and the "click pixel" is located somewhere else entirely, at what seems to be the (total_pixel_x)-16,(total_pixel_y)-16 coordinate of the image, which is an invisible spot because of the resizing.

So my questions are:
1) How can I use a bigger-sized icon file (say, 96x96) for a mouse pointer, where the "click pixel" is locatred at the top left corner? Wouldn't I need something like pixel_x and pixel_y? Or would I apply that to the icon itself?

Thanks for reading, ask away if needed.

*Props to whoever knows where that phrase is from.
Did you try setting a hotspot in the icon editor?
In response to LordAndrew
You are an amazing individual. I had never known what the HotSpot button was for. You've enlightened a poor fellow's day, my friend.

oO, the clicking problem is fixed. What about the resize?
Are there any workarounds for THAT?