Legends Online

by CandlelitGames
Legends Online
The adventure of your destiny awaits, will you become a Legend?
Just thought some of you would appreciate seeing what we've been up to:

very sick! seems to be missing shadows though, unless my eyes are deceiving me... looks like it might be later in the day?? will the objects have shadows when it's brighter, or is this the norm look for the overworld?
This is indeed what it looks like without shadows. There will be shadows in the finalized look of the game (as well as basic lighting).

This palette is also not final. Another thing to note is that the water isn't "flat" like you see here anymore. Water now has depth. I just wanted to show that we have indeed moved on to exterior outside areas which was something we didn't have before.
you guys still working on this? i mean wow i just happen to come across...And if New One says it looks good then i agree with him, he after all runs one the most popular RP servers on byond, So i really do hope it will be out soon, although the last post was in 2013 xD