m_gold is /obj/gold declared in mob/var and is just an image place holder for a pile of gold.

m_gold.screen_loc = "18,9"

var/obj/o = new()
o.maptext = "<font size=4 color=white>342</font>"
o.maptext_width = 100
m_gold.overlays += o;

Problem description:
My goal is to overlay each clients gold count over an image of gold.

When I connect with one client, the gold image appears and 342 appears as expected.

When I connect with a second client, the gold image appears but 342 does not.

I'm using 500.1212 on my dev box and....

AAAAAARRRggg... my second client was on 500.1207 or something and I just updated to 1213 and the maptext is showing up now. Slams head on keyboard for losing 3 hours to this stupid problem.