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Hey. Due to Verizon Wireless's strict NAT, I either have to pay up and get someone else to host a game for me (not preferred) or use a VPN to run a Dream Daemon server. I found a free VPN which when used, Dream Daemon says the port can be connected to. However, when I copy/paste that IP address and open location with byond.exe, Dream Seeker keeps giving 'Connection failed.'. I'm not sure why this is happening because the hub server says the game's port is open!

I'm using OpenVPN software as administrator on Windows 7, connected to MateVPN ( Using the MateVPN-provided configuration too. Is BYOND blocking this VPN? :(
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If the port block is on the ISP-side I doubt using a VPN would help anything since the incoming connections would still be rejected when they reached the ISP. The hub might be reporting things are OK because it's successfully connecting to the VPN and assuming things are fine but in reality the VPN isn't actually the final step in the connection process.

The hub sees it as: connect to the known IP (VPN) -> success

The players see it as: connect to the known IP (VPN) -> Forward to the host box (you) -> Get rejected by your system -> failure

Using a VPN isn't going to magically make your system usable to hosting if your system isn't any more open than it was when trying to directly to connect to it.