Inception - Prologue

The humans didn't evolve as you think!
Inception is a small game made for Game in Two Weeks competition conducted by Writing A New One.

The game follows the theme of Mystery and Exploration. In the game, you have to find out the mystery about Aliens and.. US!

The game is incomplete at the moment, more of a demo and thus the game's title is Inception-Prologue.

We plan to complete this game though, improving and implementing better gameplay, adding what we couldn't due to lack of time.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Nice game.
In response to 6 Paths Of Hate
6 Paths Of Hate wrote:
Nice game.

Thanks. It's not complete yet but I assure you, game will be much more fun when it's complete! :D
1 little bug I found, if you spam the switch with the E button the bookcase can end up over the desk.
Strange, I found that bug before and thought I fixed it. Thanks.

EDIT: Uploaded the new version, should be fixed.
Yeah seems to be. The only other one was the bookcase sometimes not doing what it should. But loving it so far.
Not doing what it should? Hmm. I can't do much about it without a way to reproduce. I'll keep an eye out, thanks! I'm glad you like it!
I mean when it bounces our w/e it's doin lol.
Oh yes. I know about that bug already, but I can't pin it down. It's unfortunate because it means you have to start over.
Is this single-player, multi-player, or both? In need of any hosting?
Its single player, sorry. Haha
Nice. Its like a graphical IF story. I liked it and look forward to more.
Bagh. Okay. :P
I think i found a bug and nice game :)
I really enjoyed playing this. Is there more to come?