Ninja Origins

by ChibiGaming
Ninja Origins
Fast paced action RPG ninja game coming soon!
Alpha date is closing up so here are some updates that have happened lately, we're now at alpha stage 1.5;

Equipment has been remastered with the new interface

Skills and passives now has it's own interface.

Enemy AI started and bug tested.

Weapons and combo's has been added, each weapon will have it's own combo and damage multiplier based on it's level.

Quests have been started as well as PvP and ranked battle options.

Stats has been modified so there is now only 8 sub stats which can be boosted through gear rather than the original 12.

ChibiGaming is still lacking the desired pixel artists so if anyone is interested feel free to add my skype or page me.
Skype: smdargon

Cool :o
So is it possible to get a hosting position/iconning position here.