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Problem description:
When I run the game, press create character, and then choose any class and gender, I get:

runtime error: Cannot modify null.gender.
proc name: ProcessForm (/Form/NewCharacter/ProcessForm)
usr: Tman1114 (/mob/creating_character)
src: Tman1114 (/Form/NewCharacter)
call stack:
Tman1114 (/Form/NewCharacter): ProcessForm()
Tman1114 (/Form/NewCharacter): StopWaiting()
Tman1114 (/Form/NewCharacter): Topic("src=%5B0x21000001%5D&name=Tman...", /list (/list))



You did not create a new instance of new_mob, it is still null.
In response to GhostAnime
How should I do that? As in where should I create it?
Whatever command you have linked with the submit button (such as CREATE_CHARACTER), have it use winget(window.button,"is-active") on all of the buttons to find which one is pressed

After that, create the mob based on the selected button (such as mob/hunter, mob/gatherer, etc.)

After the mob is created, then set its gender to whatever is in the dropdown.
In response to Gunbuddy13
I have no idea what you're talking about. Download my code file and then tell me what to do. (Yes, I'm a complete noob)
In response to Tman1114
You do it by using new(), and you should do it before you attempt to use it.
In response to Garthor
NVM, I got it to work, recopied the code and started over from scratch.
In response to Tman1114
I think if you remove all of the spaces in "new /mob/fwarrior" it should work.

new /mob/fwarrior
would become

rinse and repeat with all the others