Event Oct 27 2013, 11:00 am ID:1404234
To promote the release of Manacept, we're holding a tournament!

The tournament is going to be an elimination style tournament. Provided enough people sign up, I will draw up brackets by Saturday at the latest.


You can use any cards and any deck you want. (Better get playing to make your deck)

You may change and edit decks between matches, you will be given a maximum of 5 minutes for this.

All games are best of 3.

Due to the game being new, any bugs that occur during a game will result in the game being cancelled and replayed.

You will be expected to turn up on time, anyone who is late will be disqualified.

If you leave the game, you will lose that game you are in, if you do not return within 5 minutes you will be disqualified.

Be excellent.

Party on.


First Place - A special in game trophy and 10,000 credits to spend.

Second Place - A less special in game trophy and 5,000 credits to spend.

Third Place - A least special in game trophy and 2,500 credits to spend.

Anyone else gets a pat on the back.

To sign up, simply leave your name here and turn up on time.

You can find the game here http://www.byond.com/games/TheMagicMan/Manacept

Please Note. The time is in GMT.
To promote the release of Manacept, link to frelling Manacept! ;)

In response to ACWraith
You're talking crazy now.
Sure I guess, lol, I'll probably lose though. I'll get in some practice before hand I suppose.
I'm in.
You could try to set the 1st price as a free membership. It would attract more people.
In response to Kidpaddle45
What am I going to buy it with, shirt buttons?

I have no spare money at the moment. Not even enough to buy a membership.
Yeah that's why I said Try xD. Whatever =P, I'll be in the tournament though.
I really wish I had time to play this, it sounds interesting and looks quite good. Works been a bitch recently. I'll throw a 6 month membership to the tournament winner though. Good luck :)

P.S. Keep your buttons ;)
I would not mind shirt buttons as payment....
I'mma join that shiz.
I'm joining k thanxs.
I'm working from 3pm-11pm that night, which I think is 7pm-3am GMT. If my times are right, I might give it a shot, though I'm guessing I'll run out of time.
Just going to remind people, this is the last day you can sign up. You've got until I go to sleep, which is 3ish hours or so.

I will post matches tomorrow.

Also, if Flick cannot participate, I'll step in for him to make the numbers even.
I wont play, but I would sure try to announce :3
We've got a few people playing. At the moment it's 6, potentially 7.

Sign ups will close once I wake up.
im in if i remember what time it starts?
9PM GMT, if that's too early for americans I can delay it an hour or two.
Signups are now over.

Here is the matches that will take place, all picked at random.


Check out my amazing paint skills while you're at it.

The tournament starts in exactly 1 day, 6 hours and 50 minutes.
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