Gaoithe Gold

by Acebloke
Game in a Day +104 minutes
This is the upgraded version of Gaoithe which was a single player RPG Game in a Day entry for a previous year.

Gaoithe Gold is the 24 hours + premium version. This means I've worked on it more since the 24 hour competition.

The plan is to work on it another 24 hours in total (my time spent on it is counted up) to give it a much more polished feel.

When available it will be available for $3 one off charge.

Features new in Gold currently include:
- Gold and Items displayed.
- Item Chest addition.
- Better interface.
- Enemy Magic defence for Fire and Ice elements.
- BYOND 5.0 animate features.
- Early Gaoithe 2 graphics imported to Gold.
- Further bug fixes.
- More EXP less encounters for less grind.