Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
A admin on the best rp ever server hosted by Purlek is abusing privliges and harassing me when I join the game by telling me to screw off and such. He has done this to other players to and when I approach the host with the situation he turns me away and defends him. the name of this admin is Jamiedigweed he has banned me from jobs on the server for no reason.
You are a known griefer my friend and this is not the way to make a ban appeal ;) Also i have never told you to "screw off" Please stop making things up.
if this was an appeal I would state "this is a appeal" and Jamie making things up doesn't help either such as telling the host lies after ive reported you and Jamie stop deneing things ;) "please stop making things up" Jamie I will stand my ground but will you have purlek fight your battle?
also note Jamie may others on the server support these claims im not speaking for just myself but others to>.