Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
So, it's been about 2+ years since I last played this little sandbox, and I've recently decided to come back to it, and am looking for servers.

Back then, I remember the big three: Goon, BS12, /tg/, and see they're still operating. Are they still the Big 3?
I've also noticed that there's new servers popped up getting high pops at times (Liberty, and a few others). How do they contend?
I also remember a server called "Apollo Station 17," and noticed they aren't listed. Did they go private, or did they shutdown?

Just trying to get a see of what's happened.
There's a lot more than three. The community is alive like never before, there's tons of choices. Most of those choices are some flavor of /tg/ or bay code. I think Apollo is still around under a different name or something. Also we goons have rebranded to LLJK.
/tg/ and BS12 are not on the hub anymore, you can go to their websites and find them though. - /tg/ - BS12

And as Magic said, Gibbed changed names to LLJK.

Liberty has been around a good while now, since 2011 I wanna say.

I think Apollo only comes up on the weekends, it stays off the hub during the weekends, I do believe.

As far as the other servers, I dunno. But there is some info anyway~

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MagicMountain wrote:
I think Apollo is still around under a different name or something.

Nah, it's taken down. It stopped.
Ah, well, thanks for the help.