by InsidPro
Roll-Based Roleplay Game

Many thanks to InsidPro for many years of programming and hosting this game.

New Content:
TYBW Content!
Complete Game Overhaul!




-Art Contributors-
Shinze12 - (Shinigami Release Graphics, Vandenreich Graphics)
West Africa - (Hollow Icons)
Expami - (General Icons)
Hishido - (General Icons)
Kei - (General icons, skill cards)

-Administration Staff-
Eclipse2020 - (Key Staff)
Shade Genkai - (Key Staff)
ZGunnerX - (Key Staff)
Lord_Alucard13 - (Key Staff)

Retired Members
Aoi, Bacalan, Zsen, Urishon, GoSlowly, Axerob, Asellia, AnsiMika, Asari, Hyperanime11, Ryman, Mathguy97, Metallica90, Haeldin, Cybeta04, Fusashi, PinkPachirisu, Theodysseygamer

We on the staff would like to thank:

Oran, you have our thanks for helping to get this thing off the ground in the early stages.

Michiru, your work really helped us along the way.

Axerob, the amount of work you put in the game is greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything you've done.

(Consider this your warning. Failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment.)

1) Arguing with mods is a nono. Making suggestions is fine, but constantly arguing is badddd.
2) No shitstorms in OOC. If you have an argument, take it to Discord, or another messenger program.
3) No spoiling! Some people haven't read the manga right away. Wait a week to discuss the new manga/anime.
4) If someone with admin tells you something, that isn't an open invitation to simply ask another admin. Naturally, if a RP Mod or Enforcer tell you something, you have every right to ask an admin about it. But begging to different staff members will get you nowhere.
5) Use common sense at all times. If you think it might be against the rules, it probably is... Or just ask!


1) Don't guess/suggest/state figures, or people who you think are figures in OOC or say.
2) OOC Knowledge does not ever = IC Knowledge
3) No asking, demanding, begging, hinting, or bitching for/about certs. Doing so will get whatever certs you have stripped.
4) If you are not a Hollow and you are killed while in HM, then it is an IC death, even if you are "not present IC."
5) Only administrators can be somewhere while "not IC."
6) Just so this is obvious, when a mod says it's over, it is over. Do not continue in OOC, Say, Rp, or any other game channel. Most of you have Skype, if you don't its a FREE download.

It's back up.
Sorry about the server downtime. The issue has been taken care of and should hopefully not occur again any time soon. That said, however, there may be some issues with the game due to the abrupt shutdown. Please talk to any administrators if you encounter any serious errors and we will correct these problems as soon as possible. Thanks.

Gotta love the pog life, aye game still up.
So I think it's safe to say that this game died.
Games not dead ignore the comment from 2016
Hello and welcome to my Review of BRT, I've played through a few wipes on and off for a few years, and as someone with about 12 years of experience in Byond role playing (On and off) I must say this game has the most mismanaged admin team I've ever seen. Ashley is a decent head admin, we've had fun. but insid the Owner is nearly as bad as one other owner I've seen of a popular game currently... -cough-

The owner ignores the comments of the players unless their in his lil clique, whom of which is allowed to do whatever they want without punishment or so much as being touched.

The community tries to develop their story and build an interesting backdrop for roleplay before this clique strolls in and destroys such roleplay, oh and there is an Admin who loves to flex and in his flexing also destroys key figures thus killing future planned roleplay.
fun game