Naruto World Of Shinobi

by Zerdack saiyan
Naruto World Of Shinobi
WOS is one of the oldest GOA rips with faster leveling, much more Jutsu and clans, and fair balanced play. We are currently on a new wipe. Admins needed as well.
Due to Server Costs not being made the server is temporarily down , i am currently waiting for monoxide to get on cause he said he was gunna help pay off the server, before the server went down we needed 140, now because of the server reinstatement fee it will be 240 , Do not worry we wont be down long, and when we come back we will come back with a vengence, Im to blame due to me being gone for 3 weeks , because of that i wasnt able to raise the money for the server in time. But FEAR NOT WE SHALL RETURN
Ign: Aburame Hate

Why is the game down tho.?
First off, if you have been following everything youd fuckin know how dumb you sound right now. Nanso put us -733 in debt, i showed all the proof and everything, now ontop of that we needed to actually gather server rent on top of everything, so before you open your big ass mouth you need to get your shit straight Nero30345. now Aburame Hate, Couple months back Nanso decided to fuck us hard and throw us under the bus WAYYY under it , and ive been tryin to recover from it, and the game will be comming back up soon
Game isnt even up and im already having to ban dumbfucks
Seeing how the debt has been covered and you just need to get money to put the server online, wouldn't it be easier to look for a cheaper shell server rather than that expensive as fuck one you were using? That way rather than paying an extra fee for being late with the payment or w/e, and paying an unbelievably high price, just look for a cheap one.