Ninja Origins

by ChibiGaming
Ninja Origins
Fast paced action RPG ninja game coming soon!
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When playing the game, will their be passives to increase the speed of taijutsu? Also If a character specializes in taijutsu, would they be able to have descent ninjutsu based abilities and power as well?

I know most Naruto games have issues with balance. In the show, I know powers are designed to be super powerful, how would that play in game?

Also, will there be a wound system? Like NFF in which you spam spacebar, personally that's a bad idea.. But It would be nice if people could get a wound system. and when their wounds get super high. they have an option to wait for another player to heal them within 1-5 minutes. Something like that. I'll explain in detail later.
Well ill try to answer you as best as i can....
Okay firstly passives for EVERY jutsu type will be made. (Nin,gen,tai,fuuinjutsu, and alot more) there wont be a single one left unmentioned unless its from a filler or movie.

Second Yes you will be able to have a good amount of ninjutsu techniques if you specilize in taijutsu.

Now the big question.... Balance with ingame techs..... LOL man i would love to be serious about this but i dont feel like screaming "oh the game is balanced." I would rather leave that up to the players to decide after the game goes up for alpha.

The question about a wound system i guess i will have to get back to you on that but feel free to ask more. I will answer anything unless its about an in game positions or a hoster or anyother way to become a part of the team. A single person wont accept anyone into team. Its the team that will do it... Welp
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