Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
we had a guy come in named ollyrolly0833 who continuosly lied about other servers rules saying AI law priority was unique to our server, continuously Ahelping to get admin intervention, and whining in OOC about AI ignoring its laws, until the AI actually listened to him and fucked up the whole round.

thanks for reading and ban him preemptively
AI law priority varies from server to server. Both of the servers I've played on and the one I host do not use law priority. I know of others that do.

As for the rest... why should I blacklist a player from my server for things you claim they did on yours? Not only are our rules and admins very different, but it's extremely childish to not ask, but demand that I ban a player on what is essentially your say-so. The server I run is for myself and my community, we decide who stays and who goes. Nobody else.

All I see here is rude public name and shaming with no proof and absolutely piss-poor reasoning. Nothing more.
Sounds like a doofus, oh well!