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Poll: Which Hosting option would you like to see?

No Open Hosting 6% (6)
Open Hosting 14% (13)
Open Hosting with Admins 6% (6)
Open Hosting with Custom Maps 13% (12)
Open Hosting with Custom Maps and Admins 57% (51)

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Well. I've seen Hazordhu fly and fall. I'm too busy with real life pursuits these days (I'm apprenticing to become a chef, and doing quite well I think) and I can't spend very much time on Hazordhu any more. It was a lot of fun, but I would still like to poke in and play once in awhile, but with no server and no playerbase that can't happen.

So. Should we open the hosting up? and If so, in what capacity?

Option 1 - No Open hosting. The game continues on as it has for its life, running off our server when we can get it up.

Option 2 - Open Hosting. We take what we have right now, remove the server safeguards, and let anyone host the game. This wouldn't come with any admin privileges for anyone that isn't hard-coded.

Option 3 - Open Hosting with Admins. We take the source that we have now, remove the safeguards, and allow the host key and computer admin priviledges, as well as making in-game admins. Implementation ideas would include a txt document of key or CID's, or in-game verbal admin handling.

Option 4 - Open Hosting with Custom Maps. We open the source for hosting, and develop a map maker to allow people to create their own worlds and Roleplay scenarios. The details would need to be worked out, as far as what can be placed in the map maker, but this could allow for more variation in gameplay. This option does not include open admins.

Option 5 - Open Hosting with Custom Maps and Admins. This option takes Option 4, as well as opening up the admin implementation discussed under option 3.
folak is alife
Kaiochao has described the state of the source code, and I understand that it may not be up to good standards. I say this politely with great respect towards you, because I know you've spent a massive amount of time of Haz. Would you consider making Hazordhu open source at any time in the near to distant future? I imagine a great deal can be done with the TLC of developers such as myself that used to spend quite a lot of time on this game.

If you and Kaio don't feel this is a good option, perhaps could you give the permission for an open source remake? I'd like to hear your thoughts about making Haz more community-driven than the possibility of opening the host files.

Edit: I found this post which is related to what I asked, but I'd still like to hear from you, F0lak.
I think you should release the entirety of the source code at this point. It doesn't sound like Hazordhu is really going to be continued, so at that point I think it's best to hand it off to whoever might be interested in continuing it (ie the fans).

This is mostly to prevent the game from becoming vaporware and disappearing into the abyss that is internet history.
i can take over and host?
I think, at this point, you make a third Haz.

The second was a major improvement on the first and judging by comments made by Kaio, this game's source code may be far beyond repair. You can do it.
i would love to help the game out in anyway i can im a good iconer and coder that has abit to much free time on my hands donno if you seen the other stuff i posted im not asking for the source more like host files and somewhere to send my ideas to and i like the idea of a haz 3 but sadly i cant code someof the stuff this game has.. well manly the build system but so on and stuff let me know what you think
Open Hosting with Custom Maps.

People can ban via the pager or DreamDaemon if they really need to ban someone.
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Cbgames wrote:
Open Hosting with Custom Maps.

People can ban via the pager or DreamDaemon if they really need to ban someone.

Not everyone can. People like me can't as I'm running multiple servers. DD ban 1 person on 1 server and you ban that person for every other server you're hosting. Open Hosting with Custom Maps along with simple Admin verbs (Your typical ban/mute verbs) along with an Admin.txt file (Could be used to support easy implementations of admins on a Linux system user like myself).