Naruto Jinchuuriki's Resurrection

by Yusuke11
Naruto Jinchuuriki's Resurrection
Just A Semi Classic Game Full Of Adventure And Excitement :D! In The Works! Report Anything That Sucks :D

Race Against Speed. Keep Up :D o-o


Staff Members:

|----Doesn't Matter----|

How To Play

1) Use Arrow Keys
2) Check Forums, May Be Slightly/Massively Outdated, But Should Give You The Jist :D
3) Compete And Win/Lose, Depends Which You Prefer :D
4) AFK Training Methods Are Slower Relative To Active Sparring/Missioning/Other Things

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Only 1k fans in a year? o_O this game really sux
Why're you stating obvious facts
This is the best game on byond.