Jinchuuriki's Resurrection

by Yusuke11
Submerge Yourself In This Open World Shinobi Realm! Semi Classic Game Full Of Adventure And Excitement! Get Stronger Doing Pretty Much Anything! Don't Take The Game Too Seriously(Limit Toxicity)! [Primarily PvP / PvE] (Invite As Many Friends As Desired!)

Welcome To Version 1 Alpha! Several Things May Have Intentionally / Unintentionally Been Left Unadded For The Time Being, So Expect Updates!
Race Against Speed. Keep Up :D o-o


Staff Members:

|----Doesn't Matter----|


- Tutorial System In Order To Help You Learn The Basics Of The Game!

- Movement System Incorporating Arrow Keys Or WASD, If That Is Your Preference, Along With Simple Way To Bind Your Favorite Techniques To Keys!

- Various Customization Options To Make Your Character Look Distinct From Others

- Engaging Fast Paced Combat System Rewarding Skill And Not Solely Based On Stat Allocation

- Countless Different Combination Of Ways To Build Your Character, No Need To Worry About Optimizing Your Build, Every Build Has Its Own Benefits! If There Are No Obvious Benefits, Make Your Own!

- Potentially Over A Million Ways To Make A Character, No Requirement Whatsoever To Do So!

- Training System That Allows You To Focus More On Having Fun Rather Than Spending Time Training! You Get Stronger As You Go!

- Balanced Gameplay And Hopes Of Getting Even More Balanced In The Long Run!

- Compete With Fellow Shinobi, Help Your Nation, Or Wreck Havoc As A Lone Wolf Or With A Legendary Troupe Of Bloodthirsty Bandits, Whatever Is Your Desire!

- Be Rewarded For Being Active! Training Methods That Require More Activity Allow For Faster Character Progress! Have The Chance To Grow Stronger With Every Sparring Or Missioning Session!

- Train In Teams Or Solo, Up To You!

- Nearly Guaranteed At Least One Thing Will Possibly Be Seen That Has Not Been Seen On Any Game Ever!

- Preferably As Little Staff Assistance As Possible So You Can Learn Things On Own As It Should Be!

- Don't Underestimate Any Overexpectations Of The Game And Vice Versa! Game Was Semi Slacked On In Various Aspects So Overlook Intentional / Unintentional Imperfections! (This Is Just A Note And The Following Is An Opinion! Games That Are Overly Professional Seeming Seem Boring In Some Regards!)


As With Any Games In Development, We Strive To Improve The Game! Give The Game A Try If You Desire And Feel Free To Give Feedback! The Game Is Funner With More People, So Invite Friends! Pay Attention In The Tutorial, Or You May Fall Slightly Behind, But No Worries, The Game Is Fairly Simple!

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Only 1k fans in a year? o_O this game really sux
Why're you stating obvious facts
This is the best game on byond.
cant join, wanna test it
It's not really up for testing yet either, it's just up :D
In response to Yusuke11
o ok, but its being worked on?
Off course tho at a slow rate due to several reasons
In response to Yusuke11
cool :D