Im trying to add sound of thunder with my area icon i made with lightning effect can anyone help me out?

i have the sound as .wav its just not working and i want the sound with this area someone help me out please?
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I highly recommend you convert that .wav file to either .ogg or .wma so that it doesn't add 1-8MB (depending on the length of the SFX) to your resource file's size.
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ok ill convert it not a problem at all but the thing im having problem is adding it to that code i gave any suggestions
I'd say the guide is your best friend in this case.
Chapter 11.2.3 explicitly states an example of an area with sound.
It's a pity too few people tend to read the guide.
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Though it uses usr in a (movement) proc there and uses Enter() where Entered() is more appropriate (but might've not existed at the time), so I wouldn't stick too close to the example. >_>
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I never claimed that the example would be either perfect or he most optimized way to go about it.
Actually, I don't think that this would be the main intention of a guide, as it should move step by step, teaching the reader based on what s/he knows and can use.
So, instead of highly optimized code, it might lead the reader slowly to a working solution that can be understood and learned from, which might be more useful to someone who could not do it in any way before.
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I didn't claim you claimed anything. However in this case it's a matter of doing it right, not optimization; people could (and probably have) understand from that that (ab)using usr in procs is fine, if not informed otherwise.