if(findtext(Text,"<a href = '?person = \" [P] \"'>"))//the string I am trying to find.

var/message = "[src] : [ms] <a href = '?person = \" [nam] \"'>"// the string to search nam = the name of the recipient, src being the sender.

Problem description:
Well I'm trying to use false HTML to send what may look like a blank space in regular text, but more words in real text, so that it find

I even compared the text I recieved from "[src] : [ms] " and it said they didn't equal each other when I also made it display that and the message. Why is it saying that two string that obviously equal each other don't?
Is P in the first line set the same as [nam] in the second?
In response to Immibis
Yes, the name in the HTML is the recipient, and it uses a for() loop to find it.
In response to Choka
Nevermind...dummy me didn't know that html_encoded text shows up differently from server to server T_T.