Event Nov 5 2013, 6:00 pm
to Dec 7 2013, 6:00 pm
More information to come as time progresses on.

If you don't read, you don't get paid.

BYOND needs new ideas. It's boring now. I'm putting it bluntly.

Starting now, of course.

How do you know what I do?
Show me your progress from mob/Login() to a highly sophisticated game with a well thought out leveling system that everyone will grow to know and love.

How will you keep track?
Well, one way I usually keep track of some player's progress on games, like Ralf1324's game, Sekia, is through my Shell Server. In here you can get free hosting. There's a Servers tab on the left that allows you to check all games currently being hosted. You can update your games easily as well with the file manager. Ralf has been updating his game constantly for quite some time now.

At first it was decent. Yes, at first it was decent. Now, it's even more better than before. This is what I am looking for. Games that are original and have something that users have never seen before on BYOND, or even any other game for that matter.

How do I get paid?
You have two choices

1. Get BYOND membership
2. Get paid via paypal (You will need a paypal account for this)

How to apply?
Log on Shell Server and go to the Controls tab and click "Request Hosting Services". After you've done that, make sure you have a hub where you can update information about your game as well. First include the link to your hub. It should look something like http://byond.com/games/BYONDKEYHERE/HUBPATHHERE. Then, include a short (the longer and more descriptive the better. It shows that your game is thought out and I will believe you are more serious) description about what your game or project will be about. If it is under BYOND's standards, you will be permitted 1 free server for uploading and hosting.

How do I upload?
Uploading a Server (Don't upload games with apostrophes or quotation marks in their names. You won't be able to use it, delete it, or upload new ones):
  • Click "Manage File"
  • Click "Upload" towards the bottom of the newly popped up window
  • Upload your .dmb file first. It should look like a black TV with an orange atom in it.
  • If you have a .rsc file, upload that too. If not, click cancel and proceed to the next step. Keep in mind, some .rsc files are big and take time to upload. Wait until it says it was successfully uploaded. If you want to check your progress, click the top of your window where you see the word "Shell Server" and click Options & Messages. You will see a blue bar.
  • Close this folder and click Start Server. Keep in mind, it will tell you which ports are open and which are closed. Choose any port that is open.
  • Visible and Invisible is whether or not your game will be visible on the hub.

How to Update your game:
  • Click "Manage Files"
  • Click the folder name of your game
  • At the bottom, click upload.
  • Upload as many addition files as needed. Supported files are .sav, .dmb, and .rsc
  • From here you have 2 options. Reboot your game from within your game and it will automatically update. Or, shutdown your game from within Shell Server and start it up again. Reboot is much faster, so invest in making a reboot verb.

Additional Information
There will be no fixed amount on how much you will get. I'm not rich. I don't have a job. I'm using the money I make from Shell Server. If anyone wants to pitch in to help out with this project, feel free. I'll allocate your money separately to make sure it goes to them and I'll keep logs of all transactions for show when people request it. Payouts can be random, if not none. There's no guarantee on anything as life throws us unexpected things.

Other than that, I wish you all good luck and I look forward to see some good games.

If you're unsure how payments will be made. Think if it as a grade. I'll be grading you on your work. And if another contributor doesn't want to directly send me money, they can instead choose whose work they want to donate towards. They just have to be committed.

For anyone wishing to contribute to this project, page me. I'll give you some contact information.

Sounds like a good idea you've got there and thanks a lot for the mention! I'll keep updating my game and making it better and better as long as people keep playing! I really support your idea of developing original games that are unique and constantly improved.

Xirre you wanted me to post something:


There I did. Also good ideas. lol
Damn you Ripper.. this isn't a joke. Lol. That's like a worse version than Friday.. don't click it..

3:27 of my life.. wasted. Why did I even sit there and watch it.
Not worse than Friday. Pretty bad though.
Back on topic. But yes, it's pretty bad lol

I'm working on new ideas. Just give me a couple of years and I'll get back to you.
Hopefully some developers are motivated by your attempt to keep development active. I think it's a good idea, especially for hobbyists and active developers who want to make some pocket change on the side or require a membership.

Unfortunately, I won't be participating due to the uncertain amount of payment I'd receive if I were to finish something. I wouldn't want to end up with $1, or even $100, as payment -- it just wouldn't be worth the time invested.
Payments aren't done by finishing it. They're given out as you progress on. If I check your game and I say, "Wow.. since the last time I was here, this game has made a lot of improvements," then I'll feel obligated to donate. If you made some small progress, I'll praise you. And if lucky, I'll also donate a bit to your cause.

It's more like a child who comes home with a B+. Given them a small reward to try harder for an A+. That's my analogy. Hopefully, people are encouraged to try harder. And perhaps over time there will be a more better scaling system. This event ends on the 8th since that's my birthday and I don't know if this will be stressful or not so I made it so on my birthday I have no worries lol. But, I may continue it further after that if things go well.
I never got payed -_-'
Please just stop saying "more better"

Everything else sounds great though :D
more better is incorrect.. Oh god. Why I have I been saying that? :( Embarrassing.
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Xirre wrote:
This event ends on the 8th since that's my birthday and I don't know if this will be stressful or not so I made it so on my birthday I have no worries lol.

Wait, your birthday is on the seventh?

Mine is on the eighteenth! Woohoo for December!
8th. :P The event ends on the Morning of that day. The Midnight. So as soon as it's the 8th, I have no worries. But yeah! December birthdays rock! Because I get christmas presents too! lol.
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Heh. Yea. And it means you (or at least it does for me) can ask for bigger things, just saying it's for your birthday and Christmas.
Exactomundo. ;) You and me think alike, my friend. Lol.
I'm making a game inspired by SAO with you live your life and kill monsters and get married and stuff i wish to complete it around May.
As long as it's inspired by and not based on from. If it doesn't include any very closely related content, sure. Go for it.