Bleach: Void

by Sennalove
Bleach: Void
Welcome to the Roleplay world of Bleach Void.

Welcome to Bleach Void, the Role play server: As always, we follow both Manga and Anime. We allow players to create custom releases ‘only ‘to give them a better understanding of the world of Bleach. You may get a large reward if you take part in an Arc Event however they are as deadly as fighting another player in a death match.


Sennalove:Programming, Pixel Art and Interface Stylists.

Avainer1:Programming & Pixel Art.

Lift Fame:Server Provider

AyaneFace:Server Provider
Finally, the hub is complete!
My old skype was deleted. My new one is Lift Fame. Add me again please Senna & Anyone who may need to contact me.
This Sunday is game time, sorry about the delay games D:
Okay, this weekend is kinda hax so it's delaying until Monday