Been making stuff for a thing, and just wondering how you would approach this ._. I usually make things without outlines except for people and stuff, so i tried it and idk. For some reasons when i have the outlines it doesn't seem to match with the rest of my icons so should i take it out or? wha?
So it reads like you tried making icons of "people and stuff" without outlines, which you don't normally do, and you're not sure of the outcome/ if you like them without outlines. However, with outlines you don't feel like they fit in with the rest of your work?

In any case, would you be able to show one or more of the other relevant/prominent icons? -so as to see how these two options match up against them.
Looks to me the comparison here is moot because you obviously made these graphics with the intention of using an outline, and did not adjust them for the sake of removing an outline.

If you decided to not use an outline, you need to adjust to that by making your edges much more readable. So in this current case, where you just removed the outline completely without adjusting the interior at all, you destroyed your readability completely.

Here's some examples of a set of sprites I made without the intention of using outlines:

Whereas here, I used outlines for the readable characters, like the main character and the gorilla, as welll as to help distinguish the bush from the ground clutter:

You don't have to stick with an outline for everything in the game. The outline is just to give an additional cue to the user that this is where the player's sprite ends, and where the environment begins.

If you are using your palette wisely, you won't need it, but it can be a stylistic choice.
x_x that's mean,i actually made it first then outlined it lols. But it seems i have to take a different approach if i don't want outlines, and yeah i'll try to post other examples x_x.
It looks really naked and unfinished without an outline. Just my opinion.
Sorry VixiV, I'm really not trying to be mean.

What I'm trying to point out here, is that your two sprites are identical, except in one, the outline has been erased.

Second, the shading is completely flat, and the light sources are... well, confusing. The light hits the face and stomach, but not he shoulders?

Take another look at my references I just posted. It'll help you to note the difference between working with outlines and working without them. You need to use your palette to define the shape, and give depth without depending on that outline to define the shape. The outline lets you be lazy. You really have to work at it to make a sprite really pop without one.
Outlines serve (at least) two purposes:

1) They're a solid division between the object and the background.

2) At a small scale, the outline becomes an important part of the object's "weight"/thickness.

The first is incredibly important, obviously. The objects (especially the player and other mobs) need to stand out from the background. And in some cases, different elements of the objects need to stand out against each other (for instance, the head needs a distinct division from the body)

With an outline, this becomes a simple matter. Without one, then you need to use other methods of distinction. Contrast is key here. The colors of your object need to stand out strongly against the background colors. You need to create a "virtual" outline that will emerge along the boundary between pixels.

The second function is equally important. That one pixel (in general) might not seem like a big deal, but at this scale it is very significant proportionally. Say an arm is four pixels wide with an outline. That arm is only two pixels wide without one. HALF as thick. Your mob has gone on one hell of a diet.

So you need to compensate for that loss of "weight". Basically, the outline can't just be erased; it needs to be replaced.
Anyways. back on this i decided i should just stick to lines since it feels more comfortable and i'll change style for w/o outlines when the time comes. Any who the next problem im not sure what to do with is this. I want to make it more different then the usual ways i do it but im not sure how to make it so it compliments the look or way it looks in the forward looking south state or w/e.

changed the head and body structure also added a idle animation.
Aww Thanks :3 It looks really nice. I see how i should make it come through now.
:O not authorised? Ok.

Edit: Huh. For whatever reason my original post (enquiring about what it was you guys were trying to do, since i didn't get it) was disallowed, but then this one went through... o.o.

Anyway, i was basically wondering if you were asking about how to make the style of your base different as opposed to the classic approach(?) e.g. not wanting a base facing straight down like in a normal south state, Or if it was that you were unsure of how to keep the style of the base when attempting different states like the diagonal-direction ones.

This is so i can properly understand what it is the bases that southend posted have accomplished for you.
Sorry Turbo if i wasn't being clear lol. Happens a lot with me .-. But w/e i'll keep posting updates here on the art I'm going to be working on :D anyways, Ty Southend_Boi for the help i got a new look for the base now :)
that stance looks...awkward. lol

i thought of this
:( i spent like 30min-1hr working on it lols. Btw x-x before anyone posts bout the grass it's place holders color stuff w/e y'know. Also imma try to post something new every week or so .-. get some more talking back in this art topic :P

EDIT: LOLS that PIC xD. But yeah tbh that's kinda the look i was going for xD,
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Albro1 wrote:
that stance looks...awkward. lol

i thought of this
Lol this.
i like the new stance ;) probably need to bring the right leg in by one pixel to make it more relaxed.