hub = "GohanIdz.BleachUnlimited2"
name = "Bleach Unlimited 2"
view = 6
loop_checks = 0
sleep_offline = 1

Problem description:

I've done the hub thing a million times, but I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. This is my hub

It's just... not showing up on my hub o.0

*scratches head*
all those spaces after all that may be the cause, you should put one space after a word, for example the word hub, then put an = sign, and then another one space after, then the new value of it, or the value it needs to be which seems to be ( hub = "GohanIdz.BleachUnlimited2"
if you go to edit ur hub page, itll say the hub name there, pretty much, it without spaces usually, and copy paste that over into there after GohanIdz.
In response to Superbike32
Eh, I'm pretty sure the spaces aren't causing the problem. That's how I do all my games and they work fine. The weird thing is, it'll show "Now Live!" or whatever, but the game won't show up at the bottom of the screen.
In response to GohanIdz
thats the site being messed up at the time, but if it indeed has worked for u beyond this point at any time, or if it doesnt work right now, the cause probably isnt code or anything.