I made a post around the time the game was released, discussing my general distaste for MMOs and my enjoyment with the game ( largely due to fandom ). After my time ran out, I didn't bother renewing my membership ( which I somewhat regret ) and thus I completely missed out on the Lightning event and possibly others. Luckily, the Lightning event is going to return in February so I'll be sure to have my membership renewed by then and be appropriately leveled although I'm debating on changing my class if that's the case.

Anywho I've been waiting for this update, but didn't care to stick with the game while waiting due to the amount of issues the game was having. Anyone else looking forward to the update or even play FFXIV: A Realm Reborn?

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, this pretty much sums up what they're adding.

So many better MMO's out there man
Kinda just bought this on impulse for the pc, I enjoyed xi. Maybe see you there.
I have the game as well! It's pretty good, but it's not top of the line. I just got Guild Wars 2, and that's pretty well done on it's well as the PvP aspects.
I caved and ended up renewing my subscription last night. The server I initially started on wasn't for me nor was my character ( both of which were rushed/limited decisions due to the server problems at the time ) so I opted to create a new character on another server. Thus far, I'm enjoying myself. I wonder how much of that will change once I start up dungeons now that I'm not a range DPS.

Unfortunately, my quiet side still remains intact and I've yet to join a Free Company ( Guild ). Playing with randoms never ends well since I always end up with the same setup: a know-it-all who ragequits if he ever goes down ( or comes close to it ), someone who doesn't speak English, someone who doesn't speak at all and relies on emotes, and someone who occasionally goes AFK.

Someone should get the game and save me from myself. ( Yes Ter13, I specifically mean you! )
Played it, it was alright, but followed typical MMO standards too much to keep me interested for long.

The music was amazing though, best part of the game by far.
The most fun thing about hotkey MMOs is rolling a tank and pulling too many mobs, or the boss when no one is ready. The remarks you get are just hilarious.