Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
This no longer applies. Please refer to the second post for more details.

Written by Shinze12

So all of you are like "OMG Passives are not important. OMG I'll put passives in latur. OMG Passives suck. OMG I'll put in Rei Spec before Kido Master!" Well you are all sucky and wrong. Here's a guide to explain Passives!

Firstly I'll explain what passives are for and what they basically do:

"Passives are perks that increase your gains for a specific stat. For example, if I choose the passive Art of Sword, it gives my str a boost of 15%, thus increasing my stats and giving me an advantage when fighting."

Secondly I'll explain how one gets a passive:

"Passives are gained every 300 -Battle Levels.- Now if I have to explain what Battle Levels are, I'll merk you. Everyone gets one passive once they hit level 100, then they have to get to level 300 to get the next one, and then to 600to get the next, etc. You go to the Training drop down menu, click passive tree, and choose from there."

Thirdly I'll explain 'capping' a passive:

"Most passives have a certain capping point, meaning after getting a certain amount, you won't be able to acquire the said passive anymore. For example I say, "mastery of kido gives 35% rei, caps at 5" this means that I can keep investing a point into Mastery of Kido until I get 5 of those passives, afterwards I can't invest in it anymore. However, there are some passives that cap out at 1, 3, and some don't have caps."

Lastly, there is such a thing as "Chance Passives":

"Everyone has a chance of getting a passive special to their race, it is -completely- by chance, and sometimes, people can get more than one or none at all."

Here's a list:

shinigami, hollow and shini rep can get:
mastery of five rings
mastery of reiryoku

sado can get:
great hero
national star

kanonji can get:
national star
great star

inoue can get:
limit of undeniability
control of denial

quincy can get:

Now you must be asking "What the hell do these do?" Well then read on you impatient prick.

List of gains and caps per passive type:
strength passives:
art of sword gives 15% strength and has no cap
mastery of sword gives 20% strength but caps at 5
self traind swordsman gives 20% strength and caps at 2
mastery of five rings gives 35% strength, makes you attack slightly faster, caps at 1.
boxer gives 10% strength, no cap.
alpha gives 15% strength, caps at 5
olympian gives 25% strength, caps at 5
hercules gives 30% strength, 10% defence, caps at 1
great hero gives 15% strength, 9% defence, caps at 3
heavyweight gives 20% strength, caps at 3

health passives:
endurance master gievs 20% health, no cap
maximum endurance gives 15% health, 5% defence, no cap
maximum endurance converts into tank and HSR, both 35% health, cap at 5
hardy gives 25% health, caps at 3
savior gives 25% health, caps at 2
longevity gives 30% health, caps at 3

rei passives:
immense spiritual energy gives 15% rei, no cap
rejection of limit gives 35% rei, caps at 5
mastery of kido gives 35% rei, caps at 5
quick cast regenerates cooldowns 25% faster, caps at 1
reiryoku absorption gives 35% rei, caps at 5
vacuum gives 45% rei, caps at 1
limit of undeniability gives 35% rei, 20% health, caps at 1
mastery of reiryoku gives 30% rei, caps at 1
control of denial gives 20% rei, caps at 2

def passives:
iron wall gives 15% defence, no cap
hierro gives 30% defence, caps at 5
diamond skin gives 30% defence, caps at 5
superstar gives 40% defence, caps at 1
durable gives 20% defence, caps at 3,
trendsetter gives 25% defence, caps at 2
national star gives 25% defence, caps at 2
global star gives 30% defence, caps at 1

Misc Passives:
entrepreneur gives increased blhdols from npcs, glasses +.5 tech mod, engineer reduces tech cost by 10% per level, stamina gives 10% max fatigue, energetic gives +0.25 fatigue regen per tick while resting
Everybody has these passives: Swordsmanship, high Stamina, Rock Steady, Immense Spiritual Energy, Runner, and Unarmed.

Shinigami unlock Kidou Mastery, Master Swordsman, and Flash Step Expert.

If you're a Hollow and your rank is equal to Gillian or above(all forms of Arrancar unlock this) then you get High Speed Regeneration.

If you're an Adjuuca or above(all forms of Arrancar unlock this) then you get Hierro and Specialized Cero.

If you're an Arrancar, any form of Arrancar, then you unlock Sonido Mastery.

If you're a Quincy, then you get Marksmanship, Reiryoku Absorption, and Hirenkyaku Mastery.

If you're a Sado, you get Boxer, Enhanced Blast, and Catapult Fist.

If you're a Kanonji, you get Ultimate Attack, Super Spirit Stick, Boxer, and Super Kanon Fist.

If you're an Inoue, you get Perfect Santen Kesshun, Perfect Koten Zanshun, and Reverse Pacifist.

If you're a Shell, then you unlock Sturdy.

If you're a Luck, then you get Fluctuation Mastery.

If you're a Sword, then you get Master Swordsmanship Specialist and Master Swordsman.

If you're a Shinigami Representative, then you get Resolve, Master Swordsmanship Specialist, and Flash Step Expert.

If you're a Vaizard you get Increased Mask Time and Mashiro Super Cero.