by Neo Berserker
Short story driven platformer adventure.
Exilio is short story driven a platformer game made almost completely by myself.

It is possible that you may encounter bugs or glitches due to the amateur programming. So in case something wonky happens you can restart to the last check point by pressing "R".

Special thanks to:

-Forum_acc, for his keyboard and sidescroller library.
-Some sounds taken and edited from freesound.org.
-Ismel01, for helping me with the background music.
-Emoless for playtesting.
Not bad! Definitely could use some polishing. I like the art style.
I like this, some suggestions though:

- When you restart you can move while still laying on the ground. I would restrict movement until you are standing
- I got stuck in the ground when I left the first screen:

Not exactly sure how it happened but I think I was jumping in the air when I crossed screens...

- The spikes are really hard to see. I think they are too similar to the background, and need to be more shiny.

- Pressing up or down seems to restrict your motion for a few seconds

- The fade effect when you switch screens isn't timed quite right. It fades to black, but then your view comes back before switching to the new area. It would look nicer if the actual map transition happened only when the screen is totally black.
@Fugsnarf, thanks and yeah i agree it needs some polishing.

@Magicsofa, thanks for the feedback, really helpful, i will try to implement those, not sure how to fix the bug that got you stuck when crossing screens, sometimes when respawning it does a little glitch kinda similar but i'll figure it out somehow.
Maybe you could try spawning the player in the air instead of directly on the ground. It could be killing two birds with one stone by eliminating the bug while providing a nice "drop-in" effect. On the other hand it might be a hack way to avoid the problem without actually solving it. But there might not be much else you can do other than messing with the sidescroller library...
Yess that actually did the trick and it was a simple fix.

Also i've fixed a few other bugs but i still have to fix the spikes because those do unintended damage from the sides.
Glad to hear it :) I also found the side-damage a little annoying so I think you are right to change it
Is this supposed to be a homage to that Limbo game? This is soooo addictive and not in the good way. In the 'GRR this is so frustratingly annoying and I'm not going to give up until I finish this entire sh*tty game >.< *spits way. >.< Grr
Yep it is meant to be hard, or else it wouldn't feel as rewarding IMO, once you beat it you'll come out a more skillful player (Yes i know it can get a little frustrating, I've beaten it countless times myself). And no, i wasn't really inspired by Limbo but the atmosphere i went for might feel similar? maybe.
I want to fix all of the bugs for you and help you add anything you want to add, give it a fullscreen mode, etc!!!

We can code together over TeamViewer!


We can make a tiny project over winter break man! It would be a lot less stressful than our giant one.