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So I portfowarded a few months ago and my hosting has been fine but than last month , all of a sudden my hosting won't work. It says it can be reached by players but when players / me try to join off of the hub it says Connection Failed. I need help Asap so please , any Solutions?
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If Dream Daemon says it can be reached, but players still get a Connection Failed message, then that usually means a firewall is blocking it. Check your firewall to make sure it still has Dream Deamon allowed. You can also try removing DD from its list, and having it "re-learn" to allow it.

It's also possible that your local IP changed. Open up cmd and run 'ipconfig', and verify that your local IP is still the address that you port-forwarded to.
Well the thing is , Something weird happend about 3 hours before I posted this , It lets me host something that I've hosted way in the past like 2 months ago but in a month or less it won't let me Host. So IDK if anything you said can fix that or not but I just find that weird because I had a player join the game That idk and it worked just fine and I tried a new one and it says Connection Failed