From sd_DynamicAreaLighting and OutsideArea

Problem description:
The problem is with combining weather and the dynamic lighting. Say I have a 16x16 outside area (sd_outside = 1) on the map with a lamp post in the middle that's turned "on" using sd_SetLuminosity(2), and the outsidelight is set using sd_OutsideLight(1). If I set the weather to snow, then clear the weather again, the snow appears to keep falling in a 5x5 square around the lamp. Is this a bug with the library or am I using it wrong?
OutsideArea is a very old demo and poorly written. I need to update it. It assumes that there is only one outside area in the world.

sd_DAL on the other hand chops areas into 5 areas of varying degrees of darkness. If you are using sd_DAL's built in sd_outside var, then all areas generated with that flag set will be located in the global sd_outside_areas list. Just loop through each of them to apply the weather effect.

for(var/area/outside/O in sd_outside_areas)