Cave Drifter

by Flysbad
Cave Drifter
Fast-paced cave runner game with crunchy pixels
Planned for a near future update.
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Status: Resolved (1.02 - 1.05)

This issue has been resolved.
Would be nice to have a scoreboard. The only ideas of how it'd function are:
  • Show the total time it took to finish the game.
  • Make each level have a max amount ( let's say 100 ) and it decreased by 1 every 10 seconds until you finish it. Once you finish it, your total score is increased by the amount left. The scoreboard would display this number.

As for medals, add anything really. I, personally, like medals that are a challenge to get. Maybe something like:
  • Complete level [x] within [y] duration.
  • Obtain a total score greater than or equal to [z].

The general ideas are just that -- ideas. If you think of anything better, or just don't want to implement it, that too is fine. Whatever tickles your fancy, really.
Thanks for the suggestions Lige. Infact we wanted to add a scoreboard and we had no idea how to go about calculating the score for each player but now you just gave us a nice idea to do so :P.

I'd like to add medals, we can definitely come up with some good challenges for them if Flys agrees.

In the next update we are adding more levels and more difficulty, hopefully we can add the scoreboard too.
Flysbad resolved issue with message:
Planned for a near future update.