by Koil
Signal is a coherent noise generator.
Visit for more information, including an overview of how to use this library.
While Signal is ready to use, the documentation (on GitHub) isn't entirely complete. If you have a good understanding of noise already, you should probably be able to pick up how the library works from what information is on GitHub. I am working on improving the documentation so the library is easier to understand for those who have never used noise and don't quite know what it is good for.
This latest update (version 3) fixes issues where the DLL would fail to load on non-Windows 8 machines. It should, anyway.
Another quick update (version 4) adds a FastPlasma generator (/Noise/Generator/Fractal/FastPlasma). If the DLL is not in use, this does the same thing as the regular Plasma fractal generator. If the DLL is in use, this will produce a plasma fractal roughly 5 times faster than the regular Plasma object. You cannot, however, change the source of the fractal (it will always use simplex noise).