Mobile Suit Gundam:Seed

by Hinataniagara
Mobile Suit Gundam:Seed
first attempt at a gundam game on byond.
Year 70 of the Cosmic Era: Tensions were mounting between Earth and the ZAFT organization. Due to the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, these tensions suddenly escalated into a full-scale war. It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Forces, with its superior numbers, would be victorious. But these initial assessments proved to be false: almost 11 months have passed since the conflict began...with no end in sight."
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Kira Yamato
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We need iconners,mappers and coders,feel free to add me on pager
ikr. I want to play this game, and i dont even remeber anything from gundam seed XD
Well. You cant say I never offered. But my Gundam Wing source is siting here. It was built using the Dragonball Finale source. Icons.maps.and most of the coding/misc scripting is complete. it just has like a run time error with the combat and suit mobile commands.

Bottom line if you want it.Athena then let Tarfex know or msg me directly ill arrange to have source sent to you