Once I finished my minimaps, I noticed a strange issue that wasn't there before. In my HUDs that use maptext, as they are fading in, they display strange, warped text. Once they finish fading in, they fix themselves. I have included a screenshot. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Does it happen both with Hardware Graphics mode on and off? Could be a bug.
Does it still happen if you hide the minimap's map control, or move it off of the main map control?
I tested it without the code to initialize the minimap and the minimap control invisible, and it worked fine. I then turned the minimap control visible, and it worked fine. I then turned the minimap controls back on, and somehow it is working fine again.

Perhaps it was a fluke, or perhaps an elusive bug with either my code or BYOND?
It is happening once again, after I changed nothing and let it sit. I came back and ran it and it was at it once again. This is confusing.
Probably worth posting a bug report, then. Make sure to include a test project or at least the host files so others can try to reproduce it :)
I have the same problem with maptext when I use animate() on it, during the animation the text often turns blue and warps to be unreadable for the duration of animate().