Mecha War

by Teka123
Mecha War
Back in 2011 i had plans to make my Mecha game but it wasn't long before that was a flop and all i had was my poor programming and some icons yut put made for me.

I plan to bring the game back to life, I'm a slightly better pixel artist than i was back then and i've come fairly far with the main icons needed and I'm seeking Programmer help to get this game on track.

Mock up image of a base:

Mock up image of part of the map.


The idea of the game would be player vs player or player vs npc where you get your base where you need to earn points which you can use to buy ground/air units or upgrades, your units automatically attack your nearest enemy..

Around the map would be numerous gun turrets which sit idle and you can claim them and make their your own which would shoot at enemys. There would be a different array of weapons for yourself and power ups to collect as well as ways to spend your points earned from killing other than buying new units.

It's a pvp, zone control, point collecting, unit buying, domination type of game.
lolool good attempt