by Kaiochao
Aquatic side-scrolling survival.
Move through the hoops and avoid the big red things to get a high score.

Controls: Space to dive.
Does going through the hoops actually increase your score? My best strategy so far has been to pray I level out before hitting a red thing, and then just float along the water line as long as possible without moving...
In response to Flick
Gotta admit, this one isn't my favorite of the week.
Actually, I really like this concept. I don't like the responsiveness (or lack thereof) of the diving though. Seems a bit random and a bit too difficult to control. I'd like for the rings to have a point... And of course, the fact that it just autoplays in the background if you don't shut it down. My last high score was a complete accident...
Hello, I quite like the concept here; you see though, at first I thought the proportion between "height out of water" and the "unaided depth below water" upon re-entering, was imbalanced.

After a few attempts, and BYOND ads later; I re-discovered that your code's calculations were quite well written.

I would further go on to discuss the prospect of progression in difficulty; working up to a faster and harder onslaught of Cheshire Clowns.

Ultimately, however unlikely, upgrades, weapons; you know, the whole classic arcade space shooter theme.

All the best, James!
Love it haha