by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Ok, I thought I'd better post again on the current state of the Wargames update.

I've now inserted 'WarMart' into the game, this acts as a in-game purchase store to spend your credits. There are currently 6 DLC available, all relating to Unit Packs (more to come later).

French, Italian, and German units are available for 100 credits each ($1). This isn't required if you subscribe to either the Wargames 1 subscription or the Wargames Complete Pack.

The other three are additional units for UK, US, Russia. This means getting a better infantry unit unique to that country. These are priced at 50 credits (50c).

Because subscribers wouldn't normally need to pay for the $1 options, I'm going to include this unique infantry unit for those packs as well, at a discounted price (yet to be determined, perhaps as low as 25c).

I've raised the Wargames 1 price up again, those who remember my original pricing, it used to be $5 a _year_ before going up to $10 when Wargames 2 came out as a double pack. As time went on, and updates and servers slowed due to real world commitments I started reducing this down again. The Complete pack continues to be available at an annual price but for 2013 I had made both Wargames 1 and 2 available individually at a flat fee for $3 each, with Complete Pack users getting additional features and access to other games.

I'm raising the WG1 price back up to $4.50, I feel that this is reasonable given the amount of work on the game that has been committed, and I know it'll be a bit of a steep hill to get new people to pay again, so the extra dollar and a half shouldn't worry people who really wanted to support the game anyway. This also helps make the DLC pricing in line with the paid features, as BYOND still only allows a minimum $3 purchase.

There will be ways of transferring credits to another player, and even chances to win credits in-game during contest rounds. There may even be the possibility of using credits to purchase a subscription as well.

Finally, in regards to actual progress, it was going well up until I got back home in the new year, I'm moving house soon so that will slow things down. However around the same time I should be getting a tablet for the first time, and will probably get more chance to work on Wargames and other stuff than I have in recent times.

I'm still working on the export results feature, which will probably still require some fiddling about yet. Ministries still yet to convert are Ministry of War, Science and Foreign Affairs (alliances). The main reason for this is that pretty much all the converted ministries include new options or features, and also the design to be spied on by other players. The new science tab will replace the science hud on the map, while the Alliance system will be constricted slightly to prevent blobbing of one major group in a game (and also the possibility of forcing members out of one from the outside).

That leaves the War ministry, and I'm unsure of whether to do the same as the science and totally remove the units away from the building hud as my original intention or to leave it for now. It should resume full functionality though, as some features were taken out due to lack of space and time spent coding it.

Outside of that though, its all good to go, the ministries are the main thing holding me back, as I want the old hud system gone in place of the new interface version. The rest then is extra.

I'm moving in February, so a full hosted round of the new version is unlikely before then.
Do you need funding to update Wargames 2? It's a really nice game. Reminds me of civ 5 a bit.
I like money. But yes, every penny helps and a significant amount pushes an update through.