Naruto World Of Shinobi

by Zerdack saiyan
Naruto World Of Shinobi
WOS is one of the oldest GOA rips with faster leveling, much more Jutsu and clans, and fair balanced play. We are currently on a new wipe. Admins needed as well.
just donated the last 15.38 so if it wasn't already paid, it is now lol!
The Debt is gone but now we are workin on getting server payment and dealin with the fun stuff that is involved with that jazz LMFAO thank you for helping us get out of the debt though :)
If you are trying to get server payment through donations, maybe you should post status like you did with the debt, just to give people a goal. Unless you're getting money from a different source, that actually seemed to work the best.
Ive been tryin lol but the flow is slowing to a drip, we need to raise the server payment , plus the reactivation nd the overdue late fees
Try posting status updates on the home page showing how much money till the server comes back
I feel like people are just starting to lose hope
your not the one havin to crunch the numbers lol , i been sitting here monitoring this shit for over a month now , trust me im the one having to hear all the ppl bitchin at me and such , but this is all Nanso's fault im doing my best here but atm we still need 412 dollars trust me im sitting here like where the hell are all those people who said they were gunna help of which only a handful have actually come through