Cave Drifter

by Flysbad
Cave Drifter
Fast-paced cave runner game with crunchy pixels
It seems as if people barely give this game a shot, or if they do, it's only a couple minutes.

What could we add/do/or change to make this game better?
We could go over this whole issue again, but the likely cause is not your game, but simply there not being an audience for it in the BYOND community. Your best bet is to try advertise it on other websites.
Needs more glitter. Bitches love glitter.
Needs free standalone installer ~
Make it a smartphone app.
I can do that for you, sir.
In response to Cubanbling
Cubanbling wrote:
Make it a smartphone app.

A good deal of screenshots and possibly a video on the hub probably wouldn't hurt your chances of getting more plays. Not that I really play games on BYOND anymore, but I for sure wouldn't waste my time downloading and running something based on a small text description. I'm sure others feel the same way.

If people like what they see, they will try it out. Maybe. BYOND in general has a problem of people needing to download and run files to try a game out which turns a vast majority of people off (especially nowadays).

Long story short, it's a mixture of many things. BYOND's shrinking community, the current community's lack of interest in single player games, a lack of visual representation before downloading (screenshots and so on), a requirement of needing to download BYOND and the game itself and then run it, and finally a lack of exposure (especially outside of BYOND) - being on the front page now probably helps (games on the second page and on drastically lose exposure).

Of course this is all assuming the game is good and well made. I haven't played it.
Falcon lazorz wrote:
It just feels like you're randomly shooting in the dark, there's no strategy other than constant trial and error which frustrated me then I rage quit.

This too.
When we started we had this simple idea of a maze and one simple mechanic, you move around using sliders and we decided to keep it small and focused. You don't really need skill to play, all you need is memorization and luck basically.

What you say it's true, the game is not for everyone and it can be frustrating, but i still think it's a nice little game for those who can find the joy in it. I suppose there's not much to expect from a maze game unless you add a twist or some cool gimmick to it.