I could post a bit of my to-do list if you want to poke your fingers into my candy jar. No homo, tho.
^ we can see whats in your candy jar
This is exactly how I write my to-do lists, in a dropbox folder with only me in it:

HTML Based Forums - An in-game forum, linked to the player account. Would prefer a website-based version of the same forum. Would like a HUD-based version, but unlikely to happen at this time. The forum will allow you to auction, trade, post, guide, learn, quiz, question and run events. Any player can host a 'event' where they offer items and gold as rewards. Of course, unique items(like quest items) will be ignored in this. The event is up to the players to manage. False or corrupt events should be punishable. I would like to have character setting editing done via this forum; in hope of future website forum functionality. This would also be lovely with MySql, allowing me to have all the files in a central location and edit it accordingly.

NEED ARTWORK - simple.

Interchangable mobs/mob level - Client-Side processing will make this a charm, having mobs display different levels for each player, taking % health down instead of set amount for other players.

Slimes drop 'gel' which can be used to make a compainion slime. - Quest line required for each 'pet' type. Slime would likely need a 'Witch' npc quest, where you gather ingrediants and the witch will craft them into the slime for you. Compainions will be able to level through battle, just like you. Maybe pet 'evolution' quest(pet starts out as lowest form of that type, then ages or 'evolves' into a tougher version as you get it to required levels and do specific pet quest for that pet and the evolution of that pet.(will require lore and backstory to each pet and each pet's 'culture'. ie: a pup wolf will have to get level 5, then go on a quest to mature to a wolf, then at level 30, another to mature into a 'alpha' wolf. First the wolf would have to hunt something pretty casual, then to become an 'alpha' wolf, you have to fight a boss wolf).).

'Newgame+' w/bonus' as you complete the game multiple times. - Need a story first, then New Game+ will be more rewarding each time. Often the new rewards, if you still have the old ones, will just be a upgrade to the old reward. If you do not still have this item, it will give you the previous reward.

Gems/gem shards that allow for bonus'/effects in weapons. - Kind of like some Starwars game I played once, I suppose. Different crystals you'd equip to your lightsabers would generate different looks, effects, and boost.

Craftable weapons(hilt, blade,guard,ect). - Weapon parts with different attributes(speed, strength, defence, durability, ect) that come together to make custom weapons, weaker than the default weapons but upgradable moreso than most dropable weapons.(weapon levels 1-10? each upgrade adding a boost to stats, crafted weapons get up to ten; dropable weapons max upgrade would be 8 for common, 5 for rare, 2 or 3 for 'legendary' or 'epic' gear.

Town portals. - Portals, where when a player enters a new town; they are given a quest to activate the town portal. Once the quest is completed, they get a 'access code' that allows them to use that teleporter and teleport to it from other teleporters. - Client-side processing or client images can be used to display the portal as 'off' or 'run-down'/broken until the quest is complete.

Guild areas. - Like guild houses, only more expansive and customizable. Entire area, including buildings(sleeping quarters, main hall, armory, bank, ect).

Parties. - More extensive way of questing, you'll receive %s from all exp given to party members. Exp is divided amongst every party member, making it unsavory to have large parties when trying to level. Parties will be guild-based, allowing only people of the same or allied guilds party together. Freelance parties permitted, allowing people without a guild to party with eachother. (Max party of ten? Maybe.)

Arena - have a special area in the game called 'The Arena', if you know of the .Hack://G.U. games, nice example. This arena will have three arenas; each with tiers. Not sure how tiers will work; either with each level being a tier or a tier per every x amount of levels. The three arenas will be 1) 1v1 battles 2) Team Battles of 3v3 and 5v5. 3) Guild battles, involving teams of 5 each; will reward guild exp, leveling guilds up. Events like tournaments will be held three times a day. Otherwise, battles will be challenge-based, where players online and in the arena area- that have signed up for arenas will be eligible to be challenged and issue challenges to players of the same tier. Teams will work similarly; when you make a team, you can have two stand-ins; but three of them have to be online for the 3v3s and the team all have to meet the previous requirements.

Guild Levels/Upgrades. - Have a guild exp system, earn exp by guild-based events. Exp will offer levels, which will offer 'upgrade' points per level. Once enough upgrade points are available for a upgrade, they will require funds to purchase this upgrade. Guild banks would be the option here. Un-withdrawlable funds, to prevent scams. Guild leaders should be able to set a 'tax' on the guild, where the guild will take a % of gold you earn through combat, but not through quest.

Guild Alliances - Be able to ally with other guilds, giving your two guilds access to eachothers areas, but not the resources. This will allow you to form parties with more than just your guild.

Classes through quest. - Have special classes that you have to do quest lines for. Typical RPG class progression style, I suppose.

Merchant System - Supply/Demand. Each merchant will have a list of items that will be provided into their shop, some items will have a probability of spawning in the shop. Every hour, the shop receives a new shipment based on the current stock. The more stock, the less they receive. The less stock, the more they get. You can do this by including the 'stock' in a list, including the merchant's contents list. Item price is dependent on supply and demand; meaning the more of that item sold before the next shipment, the higher the price. Slight carry-overs onto the next shipment's price, maybe. Then there is the local incline discounts; if the merchant likes you, you get more off. If the merchant dis-likes you, you have to pay more. The moral standing will be based off of amount of business done with that merchant, quest involving that merchant and dialog shared with that merchant.

Soundtrack - We'll need the cash to pay for a custom soundtrack(need a demo with subscribtions) to be made for RundleMent, something soft and calming for towns, something fitting to areas, of course. In battle, the music shouldn't be generic sounding(picking up with a lot of drumming). Not sure what I want for the battle themes. I DO know I want battle themes for different areas, to be fitting to the environment. Maybe something that could fit over the other themes rather easily, so that it uses the area's theme to make the battle theme more dynamic.

Subscriptions - Subscribers will be offered extra customization, special quest to unlock special pets and equipment. Nothing that will give a unfair advantage, just cool items they should want to have. Needs to be approved to use subscription system, need demo. Customization will be like styles in DCUO, if you understand that. If not, it'll give you the style of the items you equip, then let you change your style after you equip something of a different style. Maybe color customization in the form of dyes? Subscribers will have access to more dyes and the ability to change your styles. Dyes should be craftable in some fashion, but also purchasable in the later towns. Special items given should be rare drops from bosses, giving style options relative to that boss. Will require a bit of artwork.

Check the guild card in the skin, need to code the bottom half into the game.
If this is still offered, what would you think about a character creation system along the lines of:

When you launch the game a smaller window pops up with a new load delete button
New = a few options for a new character
Load = place the player back where he was on the map
Delete = deletes the files

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