Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -
I'd like to thank all the people on this game and on previous dbz rp titles(Old finale,Phoenix dbz, Earth sundered.) For turning me into a better writer. It is sad to say but you guys are the reason why I'm the great writer I am today. I've recently received several A's on my essays and my mind pondered back to this game. You're probably wondering right now what does any of this have to do with the ban appeal. Well really this isn't even a ban appeal at all. This is kinda like a thank you letter.... And a fuck you note at the same time to all the admins who now run this shitty copy-cat fake dbz rip of a game. My first fuck you and hope you die goes out to Nero. Nero is a huge fag who seemingly thinks or feels he has power just because he dictates a 2D game that generates 0 revenue. He constantly posts gay things while drunk but always gets excused in the end because the guy dicking him in the ass(Arch) loves him. In truth I hope you die along with the other abominations of gays that walk this Earth. My second fuck you goes out to Cheg. I don't know if she admins anymore but she is one of the biggest bitches I know. She thinks herself to be attractive when in truth she looks like a fucking fat girl with Giant jugs. My wishes also go out to you to die someday soon. Last but not least the biggest fuck you goes out to Arch. You can't code, run a server, talk to people, or even know how to choose the right admins to govern your server. You're also a dick to people who try to help you on your test server who volunteer. You... I hope you catch Cancer and have to deal with Kemotherapy for the rest of you miserable basement life until you die a cold death with no one but your internet fag(Nero) to comfort your pitiful worthless soul.