I've never had issues hosting before. My router is port-forwarded and what not, but today I updated BYOND and now when I try to use Dream Daemon it just stays black after I get the game up. It doesn't tell me whether players can connect to the link or not and it doesn't show up on the hub, Pager or Website.
It won't even let me join the game, through link or Daemon.
Any ideas?
What version are you running? 503.1224 is the latest stable build.

504+ has multithreading enabled, which may still have some kinks to work out. If you need any of the 504 features, you can disable multithreading in your config files and it will probably solve this problem. First try disabling just the map-threading feature:

503 Release Notes:
Setting "map-threads off" in cfg/seeker.txt or cfg/daemon.txt will turn off the new 502 multithreading for maps in Dream Seeker or Dream Daemon, respectively, while still allowing the server to operate separate from the UI via the normal multithreading.

If it still doesn't work, then you can try disabling multithreading entirely:
501 Release Notes:
Dream Daemon in Windows can now handle the server on a different thread from the interface, allowing for more responsiveness. This can be turned off by setting "threads off" in cfg/daemon.txt, if need be.

If that works, please tell us which of the two fixed your problem. Thanks!