Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
Yay! the Kickstarter page is up. Q_Q so tired. Also who is your Digital Artist. It's probably just me but i'm not a real fan of the digital art being shown .-. idk don't really like it. Albro? lol. The detail's good but ehh everything else meh.
It's not me D: I thought it was Zane.

I'm just working on this :|

Sorry for my late response, I've gotten so much information to read through from folks that I haven't done much more than peruse various articles about making successful campaigns. Trying to equip myself with even more KS knowledge.

Everything you guys suggest I do read and make adjustments. Taking the time to make as many improvements as possible.

@ViviX - Awww, why? I think they're really nice, they were made between a couple artist on the team actually. Not solely Zane.

@Albro1 - Is that fan art/concept already? <3.<3
In response to Chris Gayle
Actually it's the concept for something else. Haha
In response to Albro1
oh albro.. :D
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